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Hi! Iam sharmila from Medavakaam, Chennai. We have our old house in Tambaram . We purchased a new 3 bedroom flats in Medavakam, and we decided to move there in January 2018. We searched for best house moving service in chennai. Sharma relocation listed in top and we selected them. I got an estimation separately for each and every rook like bedroom, hall, kitchen and even bathroom also.  Based on the number of items and weight of the respective items. Sharma relocation service asked us for one night, usually night time is free of traffic since it is a heavy populated area, and we accepted. Advance has been paid for 30% of over all estimated amount, they come up as said with 10 members and packing cardboard, they packed everything safely and started loading in trucks. Almost 7 trips truck carried through out the night. And after 1 pm on the same day they called me and informed every item is unwrapped safely, my hubby was there with Sharmarelocaion to manage any problem occur. On the very next day we have house warming, while our neighbours have said that, there is no sound in night, where as you have carried so many things. Thank you sharma movers for giving us a cool welcome with our neighbours.  Now we are so happy with their work and their patient.

Thank you sir..

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