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Iam Vignesh, Founder,  Easy access. A month before we are in urgent need to shift our office from Anna Nagar to sholinganaloor, Chennai. Sharma relocation came in our mind, since they have been working for our company since 15+ years. We called sharma are said the information, they gave us the exact estimation once after seeing the office. They told that one day night full work will be there, since office is big, they will take that much time, they also told that after moving all the materials will be arranged as per in the new office without anything left as blank. I gave the keys of both office once everything is cleared from the cabins. They properly unplugged all the systems and folded all the wooden materials. They stared moving that day night it self. 10 members came and lift all the heavy equipments in one truck followed by next one. They provide excellent support to the materials. Glass materials are tied with rope in one corner of the truck, supported by wooden and plywood materials for safety. And within two days the new office place is live, and all our sholinganaloor workers starts coming the very next day, office setup. Thanks sharma relocation for quick and safety transportation of our materials. 

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