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Relocating Household Electronic Items

Make easy with sharma relocation :

In this modern world we use all the type of electronics items.  If you want to shift the house,  we take special care about electronic items like washing machine, desktop, refrigerato, home theatre etc., Kindly switch off the main board whatever and how big the material is, safety first. Check for any secondary power source that is kept on, like inverter or any battery backup, kindly remove all completely. 

Remove all inner connected wires from it, and make it naked. Tie all the wires together with rubber band or any wire wrapper. Keep all the wires together with the material or item. Leave it for 15 minutes as it is. In case of house hold items especially for refrigerator  water will come out from freezer, in that situation make the owner to turn off the fridge a day before shifting. 

Wear a insulated rubber gloves and insert it free in cardboard. This method is suitable only if the material is direct to electric shock. If the material is covered with the insulation means bear hands are ok for it. But notice that these materials are full of dust, be aware to wear any type of plastic gloves to free your hand from dust. 

Arrange a cardboard if available, pack the item with cardboard from the upper or lower side. Add some husk and thermocoal from the side to transport the material safely. 

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