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Searching For Best House Relocating Service in Chennai ?

Why relocate the house ?

Common house shifting is done because the owner is moving to a new place. Mostly house shifting is done from other districts to Chennai due to many other fact such as : 

  • Shifting our house due to owner problem
  • Shifting of house due to insufficient basic requirements like water and drainage facilities
  • House warming to new place
  • Sale of current house and purchasing new
  • House shifting due to transfer of home leader
  • House shifting in Chennai due to children’s higher studies
  • House shifting due to children’s marriage
  • House shifting due to old age peoples comfortability

How many days takes for house relocation :

Sharma relocation service helps people by shifting the house in 24 hours. People who are urgent in house warming due to astrology, no problem now a days, sharma relocation will shift your house on spot, work will be initiated the next second after advance agreement. If the people coming from outer Chennai or other states, then Sharma relocation have number of branches all over India, we will reach your doorstep with in 10 minutes. Now house shifting is made easy with us in lesser amount than you think. Click here to get price estimation for service in Chennai

When is the correct time to shift house

Correct time of shifting house depends upon the area of shifting and how much the items to be shifted.  For example if you want to shift a narrow and populated streets like Pariscorner or Broadway in Chennai, then it is best to shift it in night time, since 5 to 6 trips needed for average shifting, while sharma relocation service will pack all the items before itself. In other side if the shipment from other cities to Chennai means it takes atleast 5 to 6 hrs travelling time, then evening it will be ok, and most of the people prefer it. Since the owner of the house wishes to come with the trick, it will be ok for them also. For any urgency Sharma packers will relocate the house at any time.

When is the correct time to shift house

It starts from Rs.999. House shifting price depends on the number of items needs to be shifted, the weight of item, the size of item and the value of item. Sharma movers in Chennai give the estimation amount once they have seen and weighed all the items in the place. Call us now to get price estimation

How to choose best house shifting service in Chennai?

Best house shifting service depends on 3 major factors. Click here to read more about the best house shifting service providers in chennai and to why Sharma relocation is given a 3 star rating by people.

What is the advance amount for house shifting in Chennai ?

The advance amount for house shifting varies depends upon the companies. In sharma packers and movers, we get 30% of the 1st estimated amount. For example if the estimated amount is Rs. 999  then, Rs. 299 paid to start the work. Work will also be initiated before advance, to know how click here.

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