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We take complete control of your packing, transportation and time management with our specialized Removal Logistics agency - Sharma Relocations. Assuring you of the best processes and timely delivery of goods, we help ease your home shifting anxieties by moving your old things to your new place with effortless ease so that your beloved possessions are delivered, unpacked and installed in your new home before you even get there.

Take complete control

Using state-of-the-art procedures and our global networking strength, Sharma Relocation takes complete control of the move, from packing, paperwork, customs, shipping and even re-locating the goods to your new home. With an impeccable track record and high benchmark rating as per the FAIM ISO, Sharma Relocation is one of the best packers-and-movers agencies in the world. From packing your goods with utmost care, to managing all your documentation, custom formalities and moving your belongings to your new address, with Sharma Relocation, the only thing you have to do is walk into your new home.

All your prized possessions are packed and protected by a specially designed insurance package. They arrive at the final destination with all the documentation and customs formalities completed. They are delivered, unpacked and even installed in your new address.

Professional Service

Our Packing And Unpacking Services take complete control of every detail of your relocation. All your items are packed, numbered and listed by a special team of packers-and-movers and safely transported to the new home.

Your Personal Mover

We offer you our complete and undivided attention. Our consultant conducts a survey to make a cost-effective estimate and updates you on the relocation at every stage.

Someone Who Understands Your Needs

Moving homes involves great planning and co-ordination, that’s why Sharma Relocation does the job for you so you can move in comfort.

Our Removal Logistics Services

  • Packing and unpacking services
  • Office and residential locations
  • Home search
  • Short and long term storage facilities
  • Comprehensive insurance cover
  • Documentation and customs formalities